Luc Grandju

Hi. I'm Luc Grandju.

And this is my Website, a fully responsive HTML5 site to introduce myself, an experienced IT Programme & Project Manager and an enthusiastic Amateur Photographer based in London, U.K.

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Here's some the stuff I do


Project & Programme Management

Senior IT Project and Programme Manager in the Telecommunications, Broadcast&Media and Healthcare industries.

Landscape Photography

One of my passions is Landscape Photography. I also have a keen interest in many other genres such as Wildlife, Macro and Portrait. This is a collection of my best photographs.

Here’s some stuff I worked on recently.

Not an exhaustive list...

Get useful info and advice from the best health experts in the business.


A premium multi-platform Live and VOD service by FEI (Switzerland)

Nolim Films

A premium multi-platform UV VOD service by Carrefour (France).

Anything I can do for you?

Whether you are looking into hiring an experienced client facing project & programme manager with technical background and commercial experience or simply want to get in touch in regards to my photography work please feel free to use the form below.

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